EC Conference: Case study submissions

In response to the European Citizen’s Initiative ‘Stop Vivisection’ in March 2015, the European Commission is organising a scientific conference entitled ‘Non-Animal Approaches – The Way Forward’ in Brussels on 6-7 December 2016. At the conference, scientists will be discussing the values and limitations of animal models, the present and future of research models, approaches to implement and accelerate the 3Rs, and best practice to advance research integrity, funding and reporting.

EARA is currently preparing a booklet containing case studies of scientists’ work and the role of animals in their research. Aimed at policy-makers, the booklet will be available upon request during the run-up to the conference, and it will also be circulated among the delegates at the conference.

We invite scientists with an interest in participating in this debate to submit a case study in lay language using the form below. The deadline for submitting these summaries is 2 September.

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