Science Action Network

The Science Action Network (SAN) is a social media campaign for scientists and animal research supporters to mobilise online support. The SAN aims to debunk animal research misinformation.

Each week myths and mis-information about animal research are published in newspapers and online, and this might help explain the 10% fall in support for animal research seen in the UK. In the SAN we encourage supporters of animal research to highlight links containing misleading or wrong information under the hashtag #ARnonsense. Fellow twitters can follow the SAN @ARnonsenseRT to see a full list of all #ARnonsense tweets.

Where the Science Action Network has linked to articles, we have found that the number of responses in support of biomedical research tends to double. Speaking of Research published an article on why we must respond to this internet activism that is definitely worth reading.

We invite everyone to join the SAN and take five minutes each week to challenge mis-information about animal research in order to have a greater impact on public opinion and help unite forces to uphold the benefits of biomedical research.