About Us

The European Animal Research Association (EARA) is a European organisation that communicates and advocates in support of biomedical research using animals, by providing accurate and evidence-based information. We aim at educating the public on its benefits, co-operating with research stakeholders, and promoting the creation and development of national networks.

Our vision is to enhance the understanding and recognition of research involving animals across Europe, allowing for a more constructive dialogue with all stakeholders and a more efficient climate for research in Europe.

EARA’s mission is to uphold the interests of biomedical research and healthcare development across Europe. EARA was created by academic institutions, associations and the industry to provide a European platform for the public and other external stakeholders to be informed and learn about animal research, its benefits and limitations.

By providing accurate and evidence-based information of biomedical animal research, EARA will inform and educate audiences in support of necessary research and will facilitate a balanced debate on the role of animals in scientific research. Being a European-wide organisation, EARA will encourage the creation and development of national networks and bring coordination between.

The mission of EARA focuses on:

  • Better inform and educate audiences on the continued need for, and benefits from, the humane use of animals in biomedical research.
  • Coordinate national and international efforts to create a favourable climate for animal research by addressing EU and national political decision and opinion makers.
  • Lead pan-European initiatives to counter pressure on the laboratory animals supply chain and the licence to use laboratory animals in research.
  • Support the efforts of animal research facilities to access the goods and services needed to discover and develop new medicines and treatments for humans and animals.