The European Animal Research Association (EARA) is a communications and advocacy organisation whose mission is to uphold the interests of biomedical research and healthcare development across Europe. By providing accurate and evidence-based information on the benefits of biomedical animal research, EARA will inform, educate and unify audiences in support of research and will facilitate an open debate.

EARA News Digest 2019 – Week 8
– Depression and gut bacteria links
– EARA March event in Germany announced
– Tumours, mini-brains and the 3Rs
_ Cross-species cancer genes

mouse brown on hand 1-CC adjLatest press Releases – EARA is recruiting for a communications officer – application deadline 14 February, 2019.

EARA pinpoints potential problems for transport of animals in a no-deal Brexit.

Basic research: ‘as necessary as human curiosity’ says brain scientist at EARA Frankfurt event.

Airlines accused of breaking U.S. federal law by refusing to carry animals intended for research.

EARA blog – Germany statistics on 2017 animal use released

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Opinion: Three cheers for China’s cloned monkeys

Campaigns – Campaigns about biomedical animal research and its benefits

Survey reveals great progress made by biomedical research sector in Spain to be more open about animal research

EARA Brexit Briefing now published – June 2018

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