The European Animal Research Association (EARA) is a communications and advocacy organisation whose mission is to uphold the interests of biomedical research and healthcare development across Europe. By providing accurate and evidence-based information on the benefits of biomedical animal research, EARA will inform, educate and unify audiences in support of research and will facilitate an open debate.

EARA News Digest 2019 – Week 38

– Debate rages on US EPA plan to end testing on mammals by 2035
– Call for transparency on animal research in Australia and New Zealand
– Swiss studies on optic nerve degeneration in mice and zebrafish
– Animal research scoops US awards

mouse brown on hand 1-CC adjLatest press Releases – EARA has launched a website study on the level of openness on animal research of more than 1,000 institutional websites across Europe.

EARA has published a Communications Handbook on how to develop and implement a communications strategy on the use of animals in research.

EARA pinpoints potential problems for transport of animals in a no-deal Brexit.

Airlines accused of breaking U.S. federal law by refusing to carry animals intended for research.

EARA blog – Spanish initiative says ‘Animal Research Gives Life’, video.

Marking 50 years of biomedical research with minipigs.

Guests posts – The first ten years of the UK’s Understanding Animal Research (UAR).

Opinion: Why Belgium still needs animal testing in the fight against cancer.

Campaigns – Campaigns about biomedical animal research and its benefits

Survey reveals great progress made by biomedical research sector in Spain to be more open about animal research

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